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Veritas Flush Plane

Product Code: 05P20-01

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Our brand new 2018 Summer Product Guide is now available, and will be automatically sent to all customers that purchase online from 17/10/2018 - until stocks run out! You can also request a copy by calling our Customer Care Centre on 1800 658 111

The Veritas® Flush Plane features a 2" wide blade that is held in place by a 1" rare earth magnet, rather than the expected screws. This is a simple system that allows the blade to be removed and turned around so it can be stored easily or put in a pocket between uses without injury or damage. 
This is a plane designed with the blade resting on the timber, so it can easily trim any projections such as glue lines, laminate edges, and plugs, and even get into and clean out inside corners that a conventional plane has no chance of getting near. 
At just 227g, the tough ergonomic ABS body takes thrust loads, and is comfortable to use. A steel pin moulded into the base positions the blade, preventing it from moving during use. 
Patented. Made in Canada.
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Brand Veritas