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CMT Pattern Router Bit with Bearing - Short Series - 9/16" (14.2mm) Diameter

Product Code: 811-142-11B

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Discover the unlimited possibilities of template routing with a CMT pattern bit! Pair up these two flute bits with a template to produce cabinet and furniture pieces, signs, toys or any other creative project. Carbide tipped to last longer, CMT pattern bits are equipped with a bearing above the cutter, letting you work with the template on top of the wood. This gives you a clear view of what you are routing so you can work confidently and accurately.

This bit has a point of difference to other Pattern bits, as it has a slightly smaller cut diameter than bearing diameter. Its cut diameter is 14.2mm, and the bearing diameter is 15.9mm, so has an offset radius of approx. 0.8mm.

The offset is of benefit for both the bit and template. With the cutter set high, to give a shallow depth of cut, a cutter with the same bearing and cutter diameter will have the cutter running against the template. A bit with a smaller diameter than the bearing does not have this issue.
Brand CMT
Bearing Diameter 15.9mm
Depth of Cut 14.2mm
Shank Size 1/4"
Diameter 14.2mm
Length 57mm