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Kustom High Speed Polish Step 1 and 2 Small Kit

Product Code: KM-HSP-SK

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Kustom High Speed Polish is a food grade, low allergenic buffing/ polishing compound for use with any kind of buffing system, that can also be used as a friction polish.

Like the Kustom Grit range, it is available in two "steps", rated at #50'000 and #100'000 grit respectively, but unlike the Grit pastes in this case, is formulated into a hard set bar.  These smaller bars are 60 grams each and were designed for use as a friction polish for small turning projects or strop compound, as below. Also available in large bars of 200 grams each, which are the most appropriate size for applying to powered buffing wheels/buffing systems.

When we say "friction" polish, we mean applied directly to lathe work. Apply by pressing the bar against your piece while running, (or while the machine is off draw on like a crayon), then use a fine cloth to melt and buff the finish while turning! Perfect for acrylic, resin or timber pens and many other projects. Leaves a long lasting and hard wearing high gloss polish.

The larger bars represent the best "value" and are  perfect for polishing virtually anything you want to polish on a buffing wheel - metals, timber, other hard finishes - anything you would normally use a buffing wheel for.

Colour coded labels assist in identifying the correct grit quickly: Red = Step 1; Blue = Step 2 and this is carried across other products in the Kustom Range.

TIP - the bar is cast with the Step 1 or 2 into the mould. Using it from the back and opposite end to the number means you will always know which bar to put in which box after use - right up until you need to replace it!

This is a kit of small 60g bars of Step 1 and Step 2!

NB: Always wear eye protection while using powered buffing systems

Brand Kustom Creations