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Leigh Super Jig 18" (457mm) with Metric Scales

Product Code: LGH-SJ18M

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  • Features
  • Details
  • Specifications
  • Infinitely adjustable guide fingers
  • Variably spaced through dovetails up to 13/16"
  • Variably spaced half-blind dovetails up to 1"
  • Sliding dovetails
  • "Single Pass" half-blind dovetails
  • 5/16" and 5/8" box joints
  • Non-slip clamping surface
  • Cam action clamps
  • Under cut side stops
  • Easy to read scales

Dovetails have been apart of woodwork for hundreds of years, they are both strong and decorative, and the Leigh jig give anyone the capability to do these joints, easily and quickly. The Leigh Super Jigs make creating dovetails easy, at an affordable price, they have many of the same features the D4R. Available in three sizes 12", 18" and 24"(305mm, 457mm, 609mm), there is a jig to suit budgets and requirements.

Again, Leigh has developed a jig that has moveable fingers, which means the width of material is not governed by the template like with other fixed template jigs. This allows a strong good proportioned pin at either end of the board, this adds strength to the joint, and looks good too. The dovetails are always going to be the same width, the positioning of the finger assembly to the scale will adjust the width of the pins for doing through dovetails, it is that easy. This setting is recorded on a page in the manual specifically for settings for future reference.

Like the D4R, the Super Jigs can do through dovetails, single pass and variable spaced blind dovetails, sliding dovetails and finger joints. This makes the super Jigs a versatile tool that every workshop should have.

Finger joints are easy to do, and are done with the straight cutter supplied, they are done in either 5/16” or 5/8” wide. This is where the eBush comes into its own, the eBush has a slight elliptical shape to it, so when the router bit is sharpened, and therefore the overall diameter is reduced, the eBush is rotated to compensate. 

An adaptor is required for the base of the router to hold the Leigh eBush. If unsure on guide bush adaptor selection, please contact our customer service team or your nearest store.

What router does Leigh recommend?

Leigh recommend a 1/2" shanked router, of at least 1000W for their dovetail jigs and the templates that go with them. 

A router with a low centre of gravity is also good, as this makes preventing tilting the router during use a lot easier. A router that is a little taller still works well, the addition of a VRS gives that extra stability. 

A plunge base router is needed for the FMT jigs due to the way the jig operates, either a plunge or fixed base router can be used for the dovetail jigs. 

If purchasing a new router, consider ergonomics, switch location, a good plunge mechanism and easy, accurate adjustment of bit height and how easy bit change is.


  • 1/2" diameter 8° dovetail bit
  • 1/2" diameter 14° dovetail bit
  • 5/16" diameter straight bit
  • 1/2" to 8mm collet reducer
  • Cam action speed clamps
  • Sliding dovetail fence
  • Square drive screwdriver
  • Fully illustrated User Guide
  • Instructional DVD
  • Spacer
  • Leigh e-Bush
  • Half-blind bridge piece material
Brand Leigh
Minimum Stock Thickness 20mm
Maximum Stock Thickness 12mm standard, with additional bits, down to 3mm
Width 457mm
Shipping Weight 8Kg


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