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Veritas Workshop Striking Knife

Product Code: 05D20-05

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Like pencils; there never seems to be a striking knife at hand when you need it. We've produced this high-quality; well-priced knife so you can affordably leave several around your shop. The knife has an A2 tool-steel blade with a 55 degrees included angle at the tip. Ground to a keen edge at a 25 degrees bevel angle; it slices wood fibers cleanly. It leaves an incised marking line that serves to guide a saw or chisel when starting a cut; helping to improve accuracy. At less than 1/32inch thick and 5/16inch wide; the blade projects about 1-1/2inch from the handle; making it particularly useful for the precise transfer work required for dovetail layouts. The dual bevel makes it equally comfortable for right- or left-hand use; or marking either side of a reference surface. The nylon-reinforced ABS handle is contoured for a comfortable; controlled grip; with flats on the sides to provide tactile cues for blade orientation and finger placement. They also prevent the knife from rolling on a surface. Supplied with
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