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"Mortise and Tenon" Magazine Issue #6, Edited by Joshua A. Klein


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Table of Contents:

The Wooden Brace: Bitstock Technology for the 21st Century - Joshua A. Klein 

William Morris and George Nakashima: Finding the Middle Landscape - David Lane

Examination of a Hanging Cupboard 

Forging Traditions: The Common Ancestry of Japanese & Western Edge Tools - Wilbur Pan

The Good Life: Discussing Slöjd with JöggeSundqvist

A Windsor Chair Called 'Henry' - Nathaniel Brewster

A Painted Chest in the Pennsylvania-German Tradition - Jim McConnell 

A Tale of Two Trees: The Radical Efficiency of Green Woodworking - Michael Updegraff

Cutting-edge Technology: Rediscovering the Double-iron Plane - Steve Voigt

Book Recommendation: Yanagi's 'The Unknown Craftsman' - Arsenios Hill

At Work in the Shop: Cabinetmaking Returns to Old Sturbridge Village - Brock Jobe

This biannual publication celebrates the preservation, research and restoration of historic furniture. Its multi-disciplinary approach brings together the perspectives of furniture makers, conservators and scholars to span woodworking past and present, with focus on pre-industrial tools and methods.

In this issue, Joshua Klein explores the history of the hand brace or "bitstock" widely used by tradesmen for centuries before the invention of the power drill. David Lane describes common influences and experiences in the lives and work of artisans William Morris and George Nakashima, and Wilbur Pan traces the origins of Japanese and Western woodworking tools, highlighting the similarities and historical influences that make the two types so different today.

While investigating the origins of an 18th-century New England Windsor chair, Nathaniel Brewster discovers how design practices and period events influenced makers then, as they do today, and Michael Updegraff encourages woodworkers to consider the efficiency and sustainability of working with green wood. There is an interview with Jögge Sundqvist discussing slöjd, and a photo essay examining an early 19th-century Pennsylvania hanging cupboard.

Additional contributors include Steve Voigt, Jim McConnell, Brock Jobe and Arsenios Hill. More like a book than a typical magazine, it is printed on heavy stock paper and richly illustrated with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 144 pages, 2019.

Brand Mortise & Tenon Magazine