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Setting Up Your Workshop

Workshops tend to evolve over time and you don't always get the chance to plan as much as you may want to. However having a vision of where you are heading with your woodworking and what you want to make can help a lot.

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The Basics of Woodturning

When you first take up woodturning it’s possible and tempting to spend an enormous amount of money acquiring a comprehensive range of tools, chucks and accessories. However to get started it isn’t really necessary, you’re better to begin with a basic kit and go from there.

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Spotlight on Microplanes

Written by Lindsay, our Brisbane Showroom Assistant.

This past weekend, I had a good look at the range of microplanes we have on offer here at Carbatec and I have to say - they are a really special tool to have in the kit bag.

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Confessions of a Pen Addict

Cameron Ward shares his addiction to pen turning.

Turning pens is a fun and rewarding hobby. This is undoubtedly the reason behind its increasing popularity. Its easy accessibility in terms of requisite skill level and relative affordability makes it the hobby of choice for most first-time woodworkers. 

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Festool HK Circular Saw Demo

We are excited to announce a special demonstration on the new Festool HK Circular Saw!

Hosted by Festool at our Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Sydney stores on the 1st September 2016 from 9am -1pm.

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Why Use Handplanes In A Modern World?

Written by Peter Geddes - a Brisbane-based woodworker.

It's very interesting to look at the place the handplane occupies in the history of woodworking. One of the most important changes that occurred in this history was the progression from the carpenter - whose main tools were the axe, adze and saw - to the joiner, cabinet maker and other craftsmen...

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Rene' G. Raulin Profile

Rene G. Raulin will be demonstration instrument making and the Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood show in 2016 for Carbatec. Read more about Rene G. Raulin and see some of his amazing work...

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All About Handsaws

Even if you use machinery for cutting most of your joinery, there are some things that are still best done with a handsaw. Being able to saw accurately to a line is a fundamental woodworking skill that can take a lot of practice to get it right, but is well worth the effort. Once you gain confidence, you may even find yourself cutting your dovetails or tenons by hand.

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The Basics of Dust Extraction - Part 2

In this edition Tony will expand on the subject and offer some direction for designing small workshop extraction systems. First, we need to look at requirements, specifically considering which machines you have and which machines you plan to add (the latter being the thing most people forget to take into account). Each type of machine has a certain airflow requirement for effective dust extraction.

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All Wood Chat: Woodturning with Theo Haralampou


Theo Haralampou or 'Theo the Woodturner', tells us about his passion for woodturning, his journey with it and where beginners should look to start. Theo is based in Brisbane and regularly hosts free demonstrations at Carbatec's Brisbane store.

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The Basics of Dust Extraction

You have just unpacked your latest purchase... a beautiful Carbatec 15" thicknesser. You've cast aside the unread manual and have dived headfirst into assembly. All bolts tightened, blades aligned, and we head straight for the pile of waiting timber...

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Tuning Your Bandsaw

Bandsaws are a must in any workshop, they are wonderful for cutting curves or preparing blanks for woodcarving or woodturning. If set up correctly, they can be used for ripping veneers or cutting mortises or even dovetails.

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Workshop Tip - Splinter Free Dovetailing

Carol Russell gives us a great tip for splinter free dovetailing.

I can’t remember where this tip came from, I think it was an old Fine Woodworking Magazine originally, but it’s one of the simplest and most effective tips I have ever been given. 

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Woodgram - July 3rd

We take a look at some of the amazing wood creations making the rounds on Instagram from the past week. 

Hashtag #carbatec on your Instagram picture to show us your design and you may get featured on our weekly "Woodgram".

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How to Make a Longworth Chuck

Written by Allan Short.

The Longworth chuck features a self-centring mechanism that easily and quickly adjusts to the size of your turning by using a pair of disks which rotate against each other...

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From Observation to Expression

Written by Carol Russell about Gary Field.

Gary has been a stalwart of the woodworking community in Brisbane for three decades. His work has featured in galleries and exhibitions Australia-wide...

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All About Japanese Saws

Written by Jan Schilling.

It is unusual to visit a fine woodworker’s workshop and not find some Japanese saws (nokogiri) hanging on the tool rack. For people who haven’t encountered them, Jan Schilling offers some advice...

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Open Segment Jig

Allan Short works in our Customer Call Centre at Carbatec Brisbane and is an esteemed woodworker. 

This open segment jig is not complicated to use but has required thought and planning to construct so here is a summary of how I made my jig.

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Rendel's Top Product Picks

Rendel makes up part of our Marketing team here at Carbatec and has been here for 5 years. Rendel is a qualified cabinet maker and loves his DIY woodworking. He is currently working on designer bespoke bedside tables for his home.

We asked Rendell what his favourite tools in his workshop are and these were his top picks.

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Wood Review Writers Festival

You are invited to come and engage with our woodworking authors at the inaugural Wood Review Wood Writers Festival on Saturday 4th June, presented by Carbatec and Australian Wood Review magazine.

This half day event presents a program of talks and discussions for those who enjoy words on wood.

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Kid's Space - Maleny Wood Expo

This year, at the Maleny Wood Expo, Carbatec will again be running our free Kid's Workshop where children from 3 years plus can put together an easy Pencil Case Box project under the guidance of their parents and our supervising staff.  

Our staff will be showing you and your kid’s how to make these pencil boxes and so you are also able to get involved. 

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Setting Up Shop

Written by Bruce Sharp.

Making stuff is fun and for five days a week, through most of my career as a teacher, I have made wooden stuff with teenagers. Imagine working with uninhibited creative minds and having the unfettered use of a well-equipped (semi-industrial) workshop. 

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How to: Make a Classic Footstool with the Kreg JigĀ®

The pocket hole joint’s simplicity and strength are two of the many advantages over any other non-structural joint. Integral joints such as mortise and tenon joints, finger joints and dovetails are far superior and more decorative, but for many hobbyists and professionals alike, forming these joints can be very time consuming at best and in many cases, unnecessary.
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Why I Love My Kreg Jig

My love affair with the Kreg® Jig started at the Brisbane Timber and Working With Wood Show over ten years ago. The applications seemed endless and over the years the jig paid for itself by miles in both time and effort.
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Newcastle Show Wrap Up

On the 16th March, the Carbatec team assembled in Newcastle to exhibit in the Timber and Working with Wood’s first ever Newcastle show.  

Read our wrap up of the 2016  Newcastle show and see some of our favourite exhibitors. 

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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Now in-stock

The beautifully presented 'MORTISE & TENON' magazine written by US conservator/maker Joshua A Klein, is now available at Carbatec!

This inaugural issue showcases premier furniture artisans and scholars in an elegant and artful manner over 144 page.

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Carbatec Hobart - Now Open

Carbatec Hobart in Glenorchy - is now open!
The newest Carbatec store opened it's doors on the 29th January with live demonstrations, 10% off store-wide and featuring our new Zoned store layout.

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Carbatec is excited to announce that we’re opening a new store in Hobart on Friday 29th January.  This new store provides our Tasmanian customers with access to a more comprehensive range of Woodworking machinery, tools and accessories in two locations Launceston and now Hobart. 
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Finishing with Shellac by Carol Russell

More and more woodworkers are choosing traditional methods of finishing rather than quick fix solutions that don’t age well. Shellac is an ancient finish that gives a lustrous depth to timber and works well on both contemporary and traditional furniture. The U-Beaut range of finishes are based on traditional French polishing products.

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Tips for protecting your woodworking tools

Holidays are not only the perfect time to get into the workshop for completing projects but also to spend some time protecting and maintaining your equipment ready for a new year.
Read our short article about maintaining equipment and tools with some great tips, advice and product suggestions.

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Fun times at the Christmas Decoration Making Day

This year we held our first ever Family Christmas Decoration Making Day where children could come along to our stores and assemble, decorate and take home their very own wooden Christmas Decoration.  The day was a great success across all 4 participating stores with 148 children attending the event and creating a fantastic buzz and Christmas atmosphere in-store.

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Protecting Your Assets

For most woodworkers there is nothing more saddening than returning to your workshop after some time away to find surface rust has taken hold of your prized table saw, or your favourite handplane has small rusty smudges all over it. In this article, we cover some of the simple steps you can take to keep the rust at bay and several products designed to help.

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Carbatec Launches Free Postage

Carbatec are excited to launch Free Postage on orders of $200 or more worth of products when the order is under 28kg and under 1.2 meters long. Carbatec's aim is always to provide our customers with not only the highest quality and largest range of woodworking products from around the world but also the best value.  Offering Free Postage is another way of achieving this for our customers.
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The Act Of Making by Bruce Sharp

The following articles are an extraction from Bruce Sharp’s Blog ‘Built by Bruce’. Bruce is a long standing Carbatec Melbourne Retail Staff Member and a retired Woodworking Teacher who continues to share his passion for woodworking to the community including volunteering to teach a local disability group on a weekly basis.

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Product Review: SawStop

Woodworking machinery is inherently dangerous. Reports suggest that someone loses a finger in the United States alone every nine minutes through operating woodworking machinery and the humble table saw is right there front and centre as one of the main perpertrators. Why is it that people are so often injured when working with machinery? Dodgy equipment no doubt plays a role. Lack of guarding and improper use would also be contributing factors. However complacency is a major, yet greatly unappreciated factor in people seriously injuring themselves when working with machinery.

I still remember old Mr Smith working on our property some thirty years ago driving fence posts. Mr Smith would have driven hundreds of posts in his life, however on this day he took his mind off the job for a split second and lost all the fingers on his right hand. No one expects that an injury can happen to them, however the reality is that serious injuries occur randomly, unexpectedly, instantaneously and the consequences are usually permanent. 

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Making a Coopered Barrel

There are many traditional tools and techniques specific to the trade of Coopering. It was a pleasure to be shown some of these by Master Cooper Andrew Young, who along with inventing many innovative methods still uses traditional tools in his daily work.

Andrew has access to a seemingly endless supply of well-seasoned American and French Oak that has been recycled from Seppeltsfield’s collection of old casks. Andrew wastes nothing, he salvages every last thing, down to the tiniest oak off-cuts that fuel the fire pot. He only uses straight grain timber that contains about 14% moisture to make his casks. The casks made in Andrew’s cooperage are designed for fortified wine from Seppeltsfield or whisky from Lark Distilleries in Tasmania. 

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How to: Make Pepper Mills

Andy Lucas is a wood hobbyist who also lends a hand and plenty of good advice at our Carbatec Brisbane store. Here Andy steps us through a project that's perfect for the beginning woodturner - an attractive and very functional 175mm pepper grinder. Note that you can also use these instructions for making a matching 175mm salt grinder  - which is the same as the pepper grinder but uses a plastic grinding head instead of the metal one used in the pepper grinder.  Click to view Carbatec's Salt & Pepper Mill range.

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Oil Finishing

Pure tung oil is food safe and can be used on chopping boards and utensils that are used for food preparation. Although it’s worth noting that as it’s pressed from a nut, people with severe allergies are advised to avoid its use.

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A Drawing Template For Spindle Turning

Robert McKee has been teaching woodturning and joinery to adults for over 25 years. Originally he trained as a wood machinist, but relatively early in his career he discovered that teaching was the thing that really motivated him.

After many years as a teacher within the TAFE system in Queensland and also in the private sector, he still gets great satisfaction from passing on knowledge and seeing how people grow in confidence and ability with a little guidance in the right direction.

Here he takes Carol Russell through the process of making a drawing template and explains how to use it as a reference to turn four identical table legs.

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Setting Up Your Workshop Part 2

One of the most recognisable symbols of woodworking and fine craftsmanship is the handplane. They come in many styles and are a highly versatile tool that many woodworkers are hesitant to really get into using beyond a superficial level. They require a degree of skill to get the best performance out of, particularly if you are going to be flattening boards or shooting edges for jointing, the only way to get to this point is by practising.

When starting out it can be difficult to decide which handplanes to buy. As your woodworking progresses you are bound to collect several along the way. Here is a rough guide to get you started. The first handplanes were made of wood and have a history going back thousands of years. Even today wooden planes are produced and many woodworkers prefer them. If you are just starting out, and trying to decide which ones to buy, you will probably find the cast iron planes easier to use and adjust as they are equipped with a depth adjustment knob and a lateral adjustment lever. The four planes that will cover most of the tasks you will be wanting to perform are: the Block Plane, ( standard or low angle) Bench Planes (no 4 and 5) and a small shoulder plane.

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Getting Crafty

If you are looking for a way of utilising the small pieces of special timber that you have collected over the years, consider the many and varied craft kits available in our catalogue. These precious pieces of wood are waiting to be converted into valued souvenirs, gifts or everyday utensils. The delight that a friend or family member gets from receiving a gift that you have made is immeasurable.

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How to: Make Half Ship Hull Models

Lift models, could be later separated and the pieces traced around to create a scale drawing. These drawings were used to create a plan for the construction of the boat. In the case of block models, lead strips were bent over the model where the ribs were to be positioned or they would be cut along vertical lines. These shaped pieces would be drawn and then expanded to make larger templates for the boatbuilder to follow.

At the completion of the project, the half hull model would be presented to the owner as a memento, it was often attached to a board so it could be displayed. Original models are collectors items and can be valuable. Some designer were known to destroy them to avoid others from copying their work.

This is a great project to make and it uses very little material. Half hull models are evocative pieces that have a timeless character.

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Product Review: Book - Handmade Furniture Projects II

Rafael Nathan’s second edition of furniture projects is full of great projects and techniques for woodworkers of all skill levels. As you progress through the book there are more complex projects to tackle. This collection follows on from the first collection that Rafael published in 2004. It’s made up from the best projects that have previously featured in the Australian Wood Review.
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Product Review: The Marquetry Course

There is something mysterious about a finished piece of furniture that contains well- executed marquetry. You peer in at the detail and marvel at the skill of the maker, to a novice that level of expertise seems unachievable. This book by Jack Metcalfe and John Apps succeeds in de-mystifying the process in a series of step-by-step projects. Metcalfe and Apps have set the book out in ‘progressive educational order‘. It begins with a comprehensive chapter on equipment, the pros and cons of particular materials, scalpel and cutting techniques and how to make some essential jigs. There is a great section on veneer and how it is cut, I found this very interesting and gives you a good understanding of your material.

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CMT Multi-Profile Router Bit

The CMT Multi-Profile router bit is an incredibly versatile bit to include in your collection, particularly if you are building furniture in the traditional style. It’s like having a whole set of router bits all rolled into one.

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Focus Project - Mitre Boxes by Gerry Coon

Mitre boxes are considered to be fairly unremarkable workshop accessories. If you own one, it’s likely to sit in your tool cabinet rarely attracting any admiration for the elegance of its design or usefulness.

Gerry Coon has redefined the mitre box and has made it a highly desirable object of beauty. He has detailed each one with an inlay of a constellation – a subtle touch.

This is a great use for small pieces of precious timber. You can create these boxes to cut any angle you wish. This is a delightful short project and would make a lovely gift for yourself or for friends who have an interest in woodworking.

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Product Review: Mini Lathe Review (CT-70-1000)

Our great new mini lathe is now available. It’s an ideal choice for people who have limited space or those that want to concentrate on small projects. Andy Lucas, our Carbatec woodturning specialist, puts it through its paces.

As I had previously owned a lathe of similar size, I was keen to compare the features of this new machine with those of my previous lathe. The initial inspection proved to be enlightening, as the overall quality is very good. The bed is nicely finished with flush fitting banjo and tailstock, both slide effortlessly and lock in place firmly, the alignment of tailstock to headstock is perfect. The motor is exceptionally quiet and vibration free and all things considered this is an excellent example of a mini lathe.

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Woodworker Profile: Micheal Connor

Micheal Connor’s workshop is perched on a hill with spectacular views of the surrounding district of Corndale in Northern New South Wales. It’s a beautiful outlook from the timber-filled verandah, but it wasn’t to be an idle day contemplating the scenery.

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How to: Make a Marking Gauge

Bruce Sharp is one of our highly skilled staff members from our Melbourne store. Bruce has been a manual arts teacher for many years and has a treasure trove of great small projects to make. His marking gauge is a terrific project for a Saturday spent in the workshop or a quiet evening after dinner. It’s a great accompaniment to his Small Bow Saw Project.
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How to: Make Parquetry Louis Cubes

Surface decoration of furniture used to be very popular in times past. These days a clean simple streamlined look is popular, but there is still a place for appropriate surface decoration to lift a piece or to add a wow! factor. As long as it’s not overdone, simple parquetry can be a very effective means of surface ornamentation, and it can be coupled with inlay techniques to enhance the effect even further. 

There is often some confusion between the terms “parquetry” and “marquetry” and the terms are often used interchangeably. Parquetry is the arrangement of veneer (or wood blocks in the case of flooring) in a geometric pattern whereas marquetry is the craft of applying pieces of veneer (or other materials) to form decorative patterns often pictures. The techniques used for the two crafts are quite different.

Louis cubes are named after French King Louis XIV in whose reign this pattern became popular. But this design has actually been around for a very long time and was used in Greek and Roman floor tiles. By using three different coloured veneers (or tiles) cut in a diamond pattern it is possible to make a series of cubes with a surprisingly effective 3D effect. Diamonds cut in the same way can also be arranged to make a star and other patterns.

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Frank Wiesner - Bookbinding Tools

Frank Wiesner’s enthusiasm for working with timber and its enduring beauty is thoroughly infectious. As we crawl through his wood pile, he’s able to name all the different timber species he’s collected over the years. It’s hard to believe that after more than half a century his love of the craft hasn’t diminished at all.

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Wooden Boat Centre - Franklin Tasmania

Founded in the early 1990's, the Wooden Boat Centre has established a reputation for excellence. Through the construction of 9 carvel hulls, it has educated some 80 students to industry standard. Situated beside the picturesque Huon River in Franklin, south of Hobart, the Centre instructs boat builders, restores old wooden boats, builds new boats and guides visitors from all over Australia and the world through the intriguing process of how these magnificent craft are built using traditional methods. The centre is heavily focused on keeping these skills alive and passing them on to others.

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Product Review: Triton TRI-TRA001B Router

Triton has directly addressed the difficulties in using a product upside down that has been primarily designed to be used right side up. The Triton TRI-TRA001B Router fulfils its design brief and really adds something special to your workshop.

I use a shop-made router table to cut a lot of my joinery but I have never been entirely happy with any of the routers that I have fitted to it. They were all good quality, but they were primarily designed to be used upright or hand-held. Using them in a table always involved a good deal of hassle when changing bits and when precision was needed in the set-up of particular cutters. However, you work with what you have and make allowances for its shortcomings. Until now!

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Japanese Chisels - (nomi) by Carol Russell

Woodworking chisels (Nomi) from Japan are a fine example of the rich heritage of toolmaking and design that has existed in Japan for centuries. They are beautiful chisels to use. Nothing compares with their razor sharp edge for fine paring work, especially on endgrain. With a little understanding and care they will serve you well and make your woodworking even more gratifying. Carol Russell takes a closer look.

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Jet Cone Vortex Technology

Professional workshops have known for decades that one of the most important pieces of machinery in the workshop is an adequate dust extractor. A clean, dust-free workplace is not only safer, but far less work in the long run. There is less cleanup and less airborne dust, which is very important when it comes to the finishing stage. Another important fact is that it is far better for your machinery to have the dust and shavings removed.

As well as being forced back around the cutting area and affecting the quality of the work, fine dust particles can be sucked into electrical components, build up on moving parts or pile up in areas underneath your machinery (becoming a fire hazard in the process). Worst of all, these particles can find their way into your lungs. Dust extraction is NOT a replacement for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but if it reduces the dust in your immediate work area, it means your PPE is going to work much more efficiently too.

The sad fact is that running machinery without dust extraction may affect your warranty if something does go wrong.

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Jet Combination Planer Thicknesser

The JET-JPT310HH combination machine is a dream machine that is designed to perform both its task of planing and thicknessing with accuracy and ease. This is a ‘no-compromise’ option to save space and have a machine that will perform at a professional level.

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Kreg Deck Jig

Whether you are restoring an old deck or building a new one, the Kreg Deck Jig will make the job faster and easier and the finished product will be free of cracks, warped boards, splinters and nails that work their way to the surface to catch unsuspecting feet. This kit makes the job seem so straightforward that you think you must be missing something.

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Leigh R9 Plus

The team from Leigh have done it again. Their new R9 Plus has the best of both worlds, it can produce both accurate dovetails and box or finger joints. It’s a lot of Jig at a small price, and Leigh have held steadfast to their principles of producing high quality woodworking jigs.

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Customer Profile - Linda Fredheim, Fine Furniture Maker

Despite its remoteness or perhaps because of it, Hobart is alive with great art and design. There is an introspective beauty in the landscape that inspires an almost defiant originality in the artists and craftspeople who live and work there. The work of Linda Fredheim, a dedicated designer and furniture maker, features many of the key elements of her surroundings. She uses not only the local timbers, but also incorporates stories, maps and historical figures into her designs. Carol Russell had the opportunity to visit with Linda.

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How to: Make Magazine Storage Boxes

Over the years I have collected my fair share of woodworking magazines, many I keep for reference material or just to have a good read from time to time. It’s been a challenge to store and file them in a convenient manner. There are many ‘magazine’ boxes on the market made from a variety of materials – plastic, metal, cardboard, timber etc – all too expensive for what they are or inappropriate for my requirements.

Project ‘Magazine Storage Box’ is the result of my own solution to my problem of storage. I have made over 20 of these boxes and they now store my wood magazines, old souvenir sporting programs, selected travel brochures, woodwork plans etc. I keep some in my workshop for easy access to current projects and reference material. The majority of them I store in various bookshelves in the house. To ensure I don’t scratch the shelves I glue a thin layer of feltex to the box bottom.

I make two styles of magazine storage box, one basic design with open top and also my preferred style with a hinged lid. In these instructions I will show you how to build the ‘hinged lid’ version.

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Woodworking Magazines Overview

Australia has a fine collection of woodworking magazines. They can be one of the best sources of information and a great place to find new projects. The information is current and relevant to woodworkers in our region. These publications run some great competitions and support local woodworking clubs. The classified sections advertise everything from timber to second hand machinery as well as woodworking classes and usually have a woodworking diary to keep you in touch with upcoming events.

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Kreg Jigs

There are many different techniques for joining two pieces of timber, both traditional and modern. One that is proving quite resilient is pocket hole joinery. It is a modern development of the more traditional ‘glue and screw’ method. Using a fundamentally simple concept, it produces a surprisingly strong joint, even when glue is not used. Although I call it a modern joint (with Kreg developing the modern pockethole jig in 1986), the ancient Egyptians pioneered the joint by inserting a dowel through an angled hole, then cutting it flush with the surface.

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Whittling Away The Time

Woodworking comes in many forms, from creating imposing pieces of furniture that require a workshop laden with benches, tools and machinery to small whimsical figures that can be created at the kitchen table, hand-held and using only a basic kit of tools. Such are the creations of South Australian artist Doug Collins of ‘Waitpinga Whittling’.
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The Origins of the Wooden Boat Festival

In 1992, I met Jean-Rene Donghy, a French Oceanographer working at CSIRO in Hobart who invited me to the new Maritime Festival in Brest, Brittany. Overwhelmed to find so much passion held by so many people I returned determined to create an event for Hobart.

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A Work of Passion by John Price

John Price is a Carbatec customer who combines tradition and innovation to handcraft guitars in his workshop in Hahndorf, South Australia. John's guitars are played on stages all over the world by such virtuosos as the world famous Argentinian composer/performer Jorge Morel and well known Jazz artist George Benson. His story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever dreamed of making a living from their craft.

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Bow Saw Project

Bruce Sharp is a part-time Carbatec staff member in our Melbourne store and a Manual Arts teacher. He has devised this delightful project on making your own small bow saw.

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How to: Pre-Cut Box Kit Project - Split Lid Box

These boxes may be dovetailed on a dovetail jig such as the Leigh Jig, or alternatively they may also be hand-dovetailed, box-jointed, mitred or joined through other means. Just be aware that if you choose other types of joinery for the project you might need to adjust the panel sizes. 

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How to: Make Cabriole Legs

Steve Hay is a furniture maker from Jimboomba in Queensland. Steve has recently been commissioned to front a new woodworking show entitled “Woodworking Master Class” to be viewed on 31 Digital, Brisbane in October 2013 and simulcast on their website www.31.com.au. It’s a great opportunity for Steve to share his skills with a wider audience. Here he works through the process of making a traditional Cabriole leg. 
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Product Review: CT-330X Thicknesser Overview

At last we are able to add a 13” portable thicknesser to our X-Series of spiral head machinery. The CT-330X is ideal for the serious woodworking enthusiast who is looking for a professional finish from a smaller workshop machine.

Changing the blades on portable thicknessers can be notoriously fiddly, the CT-330X is fitted with 26 double-sided fully indexed HSS blades. If a chip occurs on any of the cutting edges, the individual blade can be simply rotated to reveal a fresh edge and off you go again. Once both sides are used, the cutter is simply replaced with a new one. 

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Project: D5 Plywood Dinghy: PART 1 - By Donovan Knowles

The interest in construction of boats on a small scale followed on from my dad. I still vividly recallTradewind a striking Blue and Red, painted, balsa 70’s style cabin bay cruiser boat that resided at our home until “I imagine” some inexperience skipper brought the vessel to an unfortunate end. Needless to say 30 years on there is no evidence of the boat but the spark of adventure still remains.
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Customer Profile - Warwick Franks

Our staff member Donovan Knowles met Warwick Franks at the 2011 Working With Wood Show in Brisbane. He was touched by the incredible story of how Warwick had found woodworking and what he had to overcome to be able to produce his unique range of furniture and sculptures made largely from found or recycled objects. Donovan spent the day with Warwick and his Lifestyle Development Workers Jolly Karumathy and Martin O’Hare, looking for materials and seeing first hand how he creates his distinctive pieces.

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Customer Profile - Duncan Villet

When you’re being served at your local Carbatec store, chances are the person serving you is also a woodworker. Many of our staff have a trade background or are craftspeople working in a diverse range of woodwork-related areas such as; instrument or furniture making, boat building, carpentry, woodturning or woodcarving. We are very proud to have people who possess a high level of expertise on staff.

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Customer Profile - Andrew Young

Master Cooper, Andrew Young has added a new lease of life to his business by combining the CNC Router Shark with his ancient tools of trade. He showed Carol Russell around the majestic Seppeltsfield Winery where he operates his cooperage business, YN OAK Pty Ltd.

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Product Review: Flexcut Chisels & Knives

Don Powell shares his experience and knowledge of Flexcut Chisels & Knives.

I have been carving with Flexcut palm tools for years and my experience with them has been very positive. They are a high quality tool. Their design with their flat, thin shafts is a little unusual and a trademark characteristic. They are a good size for palm tools and the handles are well designed, compact and comfortable. The thin tool blades have no excess of metal around the bevels, no prominent heels and they slice through the wood without drag. They come very sharp and I have used them on an extensive range of woods and found them to cope well. 

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Veritas PM-V11-Chisels

The new Veritas® chisels are now available instore and online at Carbatec. They are among the first edge tools milled from PM-V11 steel (Rc61-63), an innovative proprietary alloy. This metal's micro-structure makes it extremely durable, so it can withstand the impact of heavy chopping cuts without chipping or deforming as readily as other tool steels, even at bevel angles as low as 20°. It is also highly wear-resistant, with an edge typically lasting at least twice as long in use as an A2 blade before it needs sharpening. Despite its toughness, it is as easy to sharpen as A2 steel using common abrasive media such as water stones.

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Customer Profile - Peter Geddes

A woodworking student in later life, Peter Geddes is an old dog who has learnt as lot of new tricks. As he shows Carol Russell, with enough conviction and the right guidance, you can re-invent yourself. Peter is a semi-retired veterinary surgeon from Brisbane, having grown up in Sydney. His father was an accomplished woodworker and at a very early age Peter developed a love and appreciation of fine craftsmanship

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Product Review: CleanSpace2

PAFtec have released their new generation Cleanspace2 Respirator, bringing you even more innovation and efficiency.

There are some marked improvements from the original Cleanspace to Cleanspace2, notably the increase in peak motor performance from 9 watts in the original model up to 28 watts in the cleanspace2. There is also an increased efficiency in battery operating life and recharge time has less than halved.

There are now two extra mask sizes to ensure you can get a perfect seal and an option to use an A1 or A2/P2 organic gas filter.

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CMT Pattern Following Bit

Occasionally I make a piece of furniture that turns out to be popular and I’m asked to reproduce it in a different timber. It’s at times like this that I’m pleased I have kept templates of all the components that require shaping. It cuts down the amount preparation and production time required.

The bench seat (Fig.6) is something I am often asked to make. I have made patterns for this piece so it’s a relatively easy process to build one on request. This makes the time I spent making the templates worthwhile.

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How to: Make a Serving Tray

This serving tray is a great project when you have a couple of spare days that you can spend in the workshop. It's a very useful item and a great way to show off the beauty of a special piece of timber. I had two lovely boards of American Walnut that had been waiting around for years to be turned into something. I thought a tray would be perfect, one of the boards had some wonderful figure that really lent itself to book-matching for the base. By Carol Russell
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How to: Make a Scroll Saw Family Portrait

There is a myriad of scroll saw projects to consider, however this one caught my imagination and opens the door to a number of future possibilities. 

I took the lead from the book “Scroll Saw Portraits” by Gary Browning. He sets out a very organised series of steps to plan and proceed through this project. I admit I was a bit ambitious with my first attempt – I converted a photo of myself and set out as per instructions in the book. It was difficult to include all the facial wrinkles and glasses etc and the result was way off the mark.
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Triton TRI-RTA300 Router Table Review

To existing Triton users, this article will not be telling you anything you don't already know, but for those of us that have been a bit slower to pick up on it, take a closer look at this Australian tradition because it's well worth it.

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Customer Profile: Roy Schack - Woodworker and Teacher

Roy Schack is a fine woodworker who lives and works in Samford Valley near Brisbane. He runs The Brisbane School of Fine Woodwork where he guides his students through all aspects of woodworking from the correct use of hand tools and machinery to understanding timber, construction and design.

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Robert Sorby Turnmaster - Versatility and Value

Robert Sorby, from the English steel city of Sheffield, is a company with a long tradition of making quality cutting tools. It has demonstrated a commitment to producing fine tools for woodworking and woodturning in particular. The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is a great example of the innovative direction the Sorby product range is taking.

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Customer Profile - Ric Fallu

Woodworking takes all different forms. For Ric Fallu, a Carbatec customer from Victoria, it is the ability to combine his love of the underwater world and fishing with a passion for woodworking that inspires him. In retirement, Ric has set himself a challenge to build in wood a series of classic speargun designs normally crafted in plastic and metal. This has proven to be a real test of ingenuity and skill. Along the way he has found companionship with fellow woodworkers and rediscovered a love of woodwork that has been with him for most of his life.

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CMT Reverse Glue Joint Bit

This router bit is designed for edge-jointing narrower boards to create wider panels for benches and table tops, door panels or shelving. It's a very serviceable item to have in the tool cupboard as it vastly increases the glue service area of the edges of your boards and gives the joint enormous strength.

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A Celebration of Wooden Boats

Carol Russell and photographer, Donovan Knowles, visited the MyState Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart and discovered a vibrant community committed to keeping a long tradition of wooden boatbuilding and sailing alive. Carol and Donovan received some exceptional hospitality on land and at sea and over the following few months we will post a series of stories on our website about boatbuilding, restoration and the characters they met.

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Product Review: Tormek SJ-250 Waterstone

Don Powell shares his interest in the SJ 250 4000 grit Japanese Waterstone.  When I recently saw the SJ 250 4000 grit Japanese Waterstone, I was immediately interested. I like to achieve premium sharpness and I would sharpen my tools on the 220 standard grit wheel, then use the stone grader SP-650 accessory to achieve a more refined edge, then move to a translucent white Arkansas stone to finish the blade before finally honing on the leather wheel. So for me, the SJ-250 was a positive step forward.

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Product Review: DVD Mortise and Tenon

This DVD is part of Jim Kingshott’s World of Woodwork Series and deals with that fundamental of all woodworking joints, the mortise and tenon. It’s a bit like spending some time in the workshop with a master craftsman. 

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