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Nova Neptune MAX 15" DVR Compact Lathe on Stand

Product Code: TK-NEPTUNE-MAX

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The new Neptune MAX, from Nova, at a glance:

  • Warranty: 10 years on Digital Motor ~ 5 Years on Electronics and Mechanical Parts and Components
  • High-torque, 1.5 HP direct drive digital motor from Striatech
  • Electronic Variable Speed of 100 rpm to 4,000 rpm
  • Direct drive (no transmission power lost through belts & pulleys)
  • Massive 15″ (381mm) Swing with 28″ (711mm) between centers
  • Headstock swivels 360 degrees and slides along the full length of the bed
  • Quality Steel Stand included standard
  • 1-1/4″ 8TPI spindle
  • 4″ (100mm) tailstock with laser etched metric and imperial rule
  • Coarse, or fine speed adjustment over entire speed range
  • (4) Programmable speed settings
  • 24 division digital on screen indexing
  • Large RPM screen display
  • Electronic brake assist option
  • Speed chart guide menu/on-screen error mode diagnostics
  • Chisel jam sensor/auto shutdown
  • Startup Speed Ramp options are safer & beneficial for more extensive work
  • 9” (229mm) tool rest
  • 80mm Faceplate
  • #2MT Drive and Live Centres
A new benchmark for midi-lathes has been created!

Nova's Neptune and Neptune Max bring premium power, DVR technology and a swivel head to their most compact format ever!

Experience all the features of a full-size DVR machine on a compact form lathe with Neptune MAX, the new 1.5HP lathe with an intelligent direct-drive digital motor from Striatech that’s redefining what an extended midi or compact format lathe can do. Neptune goes far beyond any other lathe in its class: just a twist of a knob and speed can be adjusted from 100 rpm up to 4,000 rpm with no sacrifice in torque.  Neptune’s outstanding machine features and specifications include a 360-degree pivoting and sliding head, a 15” (381mm) over bed swing and 28” (711mm) between centers. In the case of the MAX, all supported by a splayed-leg steel stand with shelf support. Whether you’re turning large projects or small, Neptune has you covered with unparalleled, smart motor technology, an easy-to-use, software-driven controller that provides the ultimate in smooth performance, intelligent control, and power under load.

Industry Best Warranty: 10 years coverage on the digital motor and 5 years on the electronic and mechanical*. 

Smart Direct Drive: With no belts or pulleys, simply choose your material, pick up your chisel, and get to work. The 1-¼” x 8 TPI lathe spindle is the rotor of Neptune’s smart, direct drive digital motor from Striatech: it has more than enough power (Peak Power 1.5HP) – and high torque power at low rpms – with an instantly adjustable speed range of 100 rpm to 4,000 rpm. Neptune can virtually handle any conceivable project requirement.

Intelligent Computer Control: Neptune’s software applications open up a whole new universe of lathe control functions that do not exist in traditional wood lathes. Using its superior, digital direct drive system, all the power you desire is at your fingertips with power auto-delivered according to load requirement for smooth, vibration-free efficiency over Neptune’s vast speed range.

Customise Speed Settings: There are 4 customisable speed settings for convenient quick-access to your favorite turning speeds or for presetting specific project speeds (from roughing out, shaping, fine detailing and finishing).   

Speed Ramp – Neptune has two speed ramp settings which are customizable in the menu:

  1. Normal Mode: a moderate speed ramp-up – suitable for most turning situations
  2. Extra Large Mode (X-Lge/unbalance): slowly ramp up to the set speed – ideal for large, heavy, or unbalanced workpieces where additional care is desirable

Electronic Braking: A fundamental part of woodturning is stopping a moving workpiece to examine the cut and shaping progress. Stopping the lathe quickly saves time and is safer than the operator using their hand on the hand wheel or workpiece. With Neptune, you can brake quickly and safely: adjustable electronic braking is set in the menu – from a soft 1% to a substantial 19%.

Power Saving: Neptune has the potential to save up to 80% in power consumption when compared to regular AC/DC powered lathes.

Neptune’s powerful computer-controlled digital motor monitors motor conditions, providing the right power to maintain the speed set when varying loads (e.g. chisel cutting force) are applied to the workpiece. As the cutting force varies, the computer only draws enough power to meet the conditions required and maintain speed.

The 360° sliding and swiveling headstock locks at any position and includes locating pin detents at 0°, 22.5°, 45°, 90°, and 180°.  This combination allows for unparalleled ease-of-access when turning larger stock off the bed. The 4″ tailstock features a self-ejecting quill which is clearly laser etched with metric and imperial measurements.  The bed has CAD designed webbing to absorb vibration throughout the bed length and provides exceptional structural strength. The steel stand provides a very sturdy and stable base, with shelf supports for a custom shelf if desired. A bed extension and outboard turning support are coming - to further extend your working capacity should you ever need it.

There is simply no other Midi or Compact Format Lathe that comes close. Everything you dreamed of and more that you hadn't even imagined...

Standard MAX accessories include: steel stand, a knock-out bar, 9” (229mm) Tool Rest, #2MT Live Center, #2MT Spur Center, 3” (80mm) Face Plate, USB A-A Cable, 3mm, 10mm and 14mm Allan Keys.

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