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Veritas Stainless Steel Parf Dogs - 1 Pair

Product Code: 05G49-55

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The Veritas Stainless Steel Parf Dogs have been designed to work with the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table to cut repeatable square cuts. The MFT table has a series of 20mm holes drilled in a square grid, using them in conjunction with the small dogs, they can be used to cut quickly and square.

Alternatively, 20mm holes can be drill into a workbench to achieve the same result, or the can be used as dogs to clamp or plane against. Mounting a router to a board or jig, and a 20mm hole in the other end, a combination of small and large Parf Dogs, arcs can be done with either a jigsaw or router.

Made in Canada.

Brand Veritas
Height 70mm above the table