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Pegas Super Skip/Modified Geometry Tooth (MGT) Mixed Blade Set

Product Code: PEG-90-6X3EX

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This set is included with our Carbatec SS-400C and SS-530C Scroll Saws. It contains 6 of our most popular scroll saw blades: three Super-Skip and three MGT types. There are 3 of each type for a total of 18 in the set.

Pegas Super-Skip saw blades achieve a smooth finish from an aggressive tooth design. These blades are specially designed for medium and hardwoods but also work perfectly on Acrylic at a reduced speed. The spaces between the teeth of the Super-Skip blade are wider than a typical skip-tooth configuration, enabling the blade to cut very quickly, leaving a smooth finish. The surface sawdust is whisked away, and the edge remains clean.

Modified Geometry Teeth (MGT) is the best blade on the market. The specific tooth design makes this blade extremely efficient. These blades tolerate aggressive feed rates, avoid overheating and leave a smooth finish with no splinters.

Pégas blades are manufactured in Vallorbe, Switzerland from the best available carbon steels. The teeth are perfectly and equally set (right and left), enabling straight cuts without having to compensate for deviation. They are heat treated after machining, which is the only method that guarantees both toughness and optimum flexibility.

With a large range available, we believe they are the unequaled in quality and represent the best blades on the market. Routinely outperforming and outlasting the competition in independant testing and all at exceptional price points! Professionals and hobbyists alike will appreciate what Pégas blades offer you.

Make your scroll saw really perform with Pégas blades.
(3x) MGT No. 2/0
(3x) MGT No. 5
(3x) MGT No. 9
(3x) Super-Skip No. 3
(3x) Super-Skip No. 5
(3x) Super-Skip No. 7
Brand Pegas
Blade Type Set
Universal Blade No Assorted


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