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Veritas Quick Release Sliding Tail Vice

Product Code: 05G30-01

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A sliding tail vise typically has the jaw sliding along the length of the bench, and is based on traditional European design. This design features a large sliding jaw that neatly fits against the bench, that traditionally would feature several dog holes aiding in holding various sized projects along the length of the bench.

These types of vises were often difficult to incorporate into a bench, though Veritas have solved this.

By using a mounting plate that fits to the underneath side of the bench, this then attaches to the clamping mechanism itself, and the material that is used as the bench apron or skirt is then attached to the vise, giving you the jaw. This jaw is as long, thick and high as the individual user desires, and can be drilled with as many dog holes as deemed appropriate to clamp long or short workpieces, as well as out of square projects.

The Veritas Quick Release Sliding Tail Vise features an Acme thread for maximum clamping (300lb / 136kg) force, in both clamping and spreading applications, with the quick release feature meaning the thread can be over-ridden, rather than winding through the entire range of the thread.

Requiring an unobstructed mounting area of 432mm x 165mm, it has a clamping travel of 196mm, and can be positioned at either end of the bench.

Made in Canada. Patented.

Brand Veritas