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SawStop Scale Mitre Gauge

Product Code: SST-TSA-SMG

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  • Specifications
  • 180 precise locked-in angles.
  • Extendable fence and micro-adjustable dual-arm flip stop.
  • Mitre head with pointer and 90 notches in 1° increments on each side of 0°, including 22.5°.
  • Vernier scale for fine-tuning angles in 1/10° increments.
  • 475mm (18”) long mitre bar with six adjustable washers for stability and smooth glide.
  • Aluminium fence with telescoping extension up to 787mm (31”).
  • Calibrated scale on top of the fence for precise crosscuts.
  • Flip stop for repeated cuts at the same setting, indexing in 0.8mm (1/32”) increments.
  • Dual arms of flip stop can be set independently or linked together.
  • Micro-adjuster for fine-tuning settings with ease.

Enjoy greater accuracy with SawStop's new Scale Mitre Gauge! 
The Scale Mitre Gauge offers consistent accuracy with 180 precise locked-in angles and a familiar interface for dialling in measurements.
The mitre head features 90 notches in 1° increments, ensuring precise adjustments, while the Vernier scale allows for additional fine-tuning in 1/10° for your woodworking projects.  The 18” long mitre bar has six adjustable washers to eliminate movement in the mitre slot, guaranteeing stability and a smooth glide forward and back.
With a 31" telescopic aluminium fence, referencing larger work pieces has never been easier. The scale on top of the fence can be calibrated for precise crosscuts without the need to measure and mark your material. The flip stop on the fence can be utilised to make repeated cuts at the same setting for identical parts with indexes in 1/32" increments. The dual arms can be set independently or linked together, and both can be fine-tuned with a micro adjuster. 

For repeatable precision on all your woodworking projects, the SawStop Scale Mitre Gauge is now available at Carbatec.

Brand SawStop
Warranty 1 year
Positive Stops 181
Dimensions 470mm x 470mm
Angle Adjustment Range 0 to 90 deg