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Tormek Replacement Supergrind Wheel for T4 & T3 Models

Product Code: TOR-SG-200

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Features & Benefits
  • Grade the stone from 220 to 1000 grit for the sharpen then hone steps in sharpening.
  • 200mm diameter means this wheel will last a long time before a replacement is needed.
  • 40mm wide wheel

The Tormek Original Grindstone has evolved over the years to offer the best combination of efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and a long life. This stone efficiently cuts all types of tools and steel qualities including HSS.

Tools sharpened on a wetstone grinder only, without heat being generated by speed, will hold their edge longer than a tool sharpened on a typical bench grinder.

The composition of this stone means it can essentially be graded from 220 grit to 1000 grit in a matter of moments, so you do not have to go to a different wheel or machine, hoping you get the same bevel on the tool being sharpened.

Grab the TOR-SP-650 to quickly grade the stone from 220 grit after the Sharpening process, to 1000 grit to hone the tool. So sharpening and honing can be done on the same wheel, using the same jig to hold the tool, using the same setting.

At this stage your tool will feel sharp, but polish it on the leather honing wheel, and you’ll get a polished look, and that razor sharp edge. 

Product Specifications
Brand Tormek
Diameter 200mm
Width 40mm


Tormek Japanese Waterstone - Suits T4 & T3 Models
Tormek Japanese Waterstone - Suits T4 & T3 Models TOR-SJ-200 Usually ships within 14 days
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