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Spiral Downcut - 3.2mm dia. x 12.75mm Length - 1/4" shank

Product Code: SRB-5161

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Tags Carbatec
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  • Downcut action prevents lifting fibres and breakout.
  • Clean cutting action for extended bit life.

These two flute flat bottom cutters are made from top quality micro-grain solid carbide. 

They will cut faster, smoother and stay sharper longer. Spiral bits produce a very clean, fast and accurate cut with minimal chatter. 

They aid chip ejection when you're cutting holes, slots or other blind applications. This makes them ideal for cutting mortise and tenon joints. These bits can also be used for plunge cutting and planing edges as well. Ideal for softwood, hardwood, plywood, composites, laminates, plastics and some non-ferrous metals. 

These bits operate with normal right hand rotation, with the downcut spiral pushing the fibres down rather than lifting the delicate fibres when cutting veneers. 

This bit is the replacement cutter for the BIK-30 Brass & Carbide Inlay Kit.

Brand Carbatec