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Nova Pin Jaw Set

Product Code: TK-JSPIN

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The NOVA JSPIN Pin Accessory Jaw set has a long nose, designed to act as a pin chuck – expanding into a pre-bored hole, a very useful technique for free-form edged bowls.

It is not necessary to bore an exact size as with other pin jaws. The longer jaws allow for a very powerful spigot grip for smaller work such as lace bobbins.

They are also ideal for longer dowel work. Twist drills can be gripped to enable the chuck to be used as a drill chuck. The jaw-set features a small dovetail to mount small bowls.

25.9mm (1.02") – 46mm (1.81")

Square: 28mm (1.10") – 7mm (0.27")
Spigot: 31mm (1.22") – 9.9mm (0.39")

Actual sizes may vary depending on which NOVA chuck is being used.

These special 25mm extended jaws are designed to act like a pin chuck - expanding into a pre-bored hole.

This is an especially useful technique for free form edge bowls. A real big advantage over Pin Chucks though is that you don't have to bore to an exact size - any size between the minimum and just under the maximum expansion will do.

The longer jaws allow for a very powerful spigot grip for all smaller work like lace bobbins (up to 6inch in length) and delicate pots etc. The jaws also have a dovetail to mount small bowls (up to 6inch dia).

Features standard on all NOVA Jaws:

Full Cross Function: Only NOVA Chucks give you the same jaw fixing system and same insert/adaptor system across all chuck models. This means all accessory jaws in the range fit all the chucks in the range; including older chuck models*; giving you the ultimate flexibility.

In buying a NOVA chuck; you can be confident that whether you want to move up or down the range; any accessories you have invested in will Fit.
Brand Nova