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Nova Spigot Jaws - 45mm

Product Code: TK-SP45

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These 45mm Spigot Jaws provide superior gripping power for projects when a long overhang or hollowing into end grain is needed. Only NOVA chucks have the same jaw fixing system and insert/adapter system across all standard chuck models, giving you optimal flexibility.

All accessory jaws in the standard chuck range will fit all the standard NOVA chucks (SN2 and G3).

51.8mm (2.04") – 71.9mm (2.83")

Square: 50.8mm (2") – 31mm (1.22")
Spigot: 61mm (2.4") – 40.9mm (1.61")

Actual sizes may vary depending on which NOVA chuck is being used.
It is specially designed to provide a strong grip both in the contracting mode (gripping round or square spigots) and in the expanding mode with up to 10-inch-long work pieces.

Features standard on all NOVA Jaws:

  • Full Cross Function: Only NOVA Chucks give you the same jaw-fixing system and the same insert/adaptor system across all chuck models. This means all accessory jaws in the range fit all the chucks in the range; including older chuck models*; giving you the ultimate flexibility.
  • When buying a NOVA chuck, you can be confident that any accessories you have invested in will fit, whether you want to move up or down the range.
  • Special Dovetail Profile: NOVA chucks have been specially designed so that the jaws will cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode, and provide high tear-out strength.
  • Some chucks use an engineering jaw profile (designed to hold a hard material like steel) or rounded profiles, which crush the wood fibres without digging in and hold them securely.

Brand Nova