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i2R Top Mount Vacuum Clamp Table 610 x 610mm - Complete Kit

Product Code: I2R-VAC6060

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Custom made in Australia, the AXIOM CNC Vacuum Table is designed to sit directly on the Aluminium T-slot Table on your AXIOM CNC, fixed in place using T-slot bolts provided.

This unit is 610 x 610 x 32mm in size. Particularly suited to the i2R-A22 and i2R-B22.

The kit includes:

- Fully channel machined vacuum surface table
- 4mm MDF Spoilboard
- 1HP Vacuum unit
- Vacuum Pod Filter
- Safety relief Valve
- All required hose and fittings

Specifications of the pump are:

  • - 0.75kw (1HP) single stage side channel vacuum blower
  • - Runs on 230v 10 amp single phase
  • - Pump is Made in Taiwan
  • - CE and UL certificates for motor and ISO 9001
Custom made in Australia, these Vacuum Tables are an elegant solution to the problem of workholding on a CNC. While traditional clamping methods can be used, placement needs to be carefully considered to ensure nothing falls in the cutting path and damages either the bit, spindle or clamp!

Vacuum Tables are often the best solution for FLAT SHEET WORK often being done on CNC Routers. Traditionally found on industrial full size machines, these Vacuum Tables are supplied as a complete kit, custom made in Australia for your small format CNC. A perfect match for our i2R A and i2R B Series CNC Machines, as well as others. Note that Vacuum Tables are not designed to hold down individual small parts, but these small parts can be cut from flat sheet provided the surface area of that part remains suitably large.

Vacuum Tables generate hold-down force or pressure difference between the vacuum pressure under the part and the atmospheric pressure. The hold-down force is proportional to that pressure difference and the surface area exposed to the difference. In short, the larger the surface area of the part you are holding, the more hold down force there is.

You can lay an MDF spoilboard right on top of a vacuum table to protect your table from overcut and that sheet is porous enough to still pull a vacuum and generate hold-down force! Just as MDF can be used to spread the vacuum, be aware your part may leak vacuum if it is made of anything permeable (foam board, MDF etc) or if you introduce too many through holes into it during the machining process. Use of Vacuum tables has a learning curve.

Normally, the Vacuum Table replaces the MDF spoil board that comes with the machine. In that configuration, no travel is lost, nor clearance under the bridge. You have 150mm of travel in 'Z' and a little more than that in clearance. The Vacuum Table is 32mm deep, with a 4mm MDF spoilboard.
Brand i2R