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UJK Parf System Fence & Stop Kit - 600mm

Product Code: AXM-108328

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  • Precision machined, 600mm long anodised aluminium fence
  • Fully compatible with benches made with UJK Parf Guide system & MFT benches
  • Supplied with 2 x 25mm long dogs, locking knobs & adjustable stop

The Parf System fence is a precision piece of equipment, 600mm long, 10mm thick and 40mm wide. The fence is fully compatible with the UJK Parf Guide System, UJK multifunction worktops and MFT benches. The fence comes with 2 x 25mm long dogs, (the dogs feature an M8 tapped through hole giving them other uses), two stainless steel locking knobs and a strong and well designed adjustable stop, attached to the fence with a Bristol locking handle.
The fence features two sets of four holes, 460mm apart along its length. Each set comprises 4 chamfered holes (to ensure the dogs sit flush with the top). The first set of holes are a precise 20mm; the others are fractionally oval to overcome any minor variations in the bench top. Each set of holes are at 32mm centres, allowing you to use the fence when constructing cabinets designed with System 32.
The fence functions as its title suggests, giving you a 600mm long straight edge making it easy to locate a workpiece against when cutting on the multifunction bench. With the fence in place there is no need to reposition bench dogs when cutting different lengths. The stop allows you to make accurate repeat cuts, long or short. With the stop in place and moving the fence one hole along, shifts the stock by 32mm, for marking, drilling etc. Two fences positioned at 90° are a great aid when assembling cabinet frames or drawers etc. The fence can be used over the top of the workpiece and has an additional hole for setting at 45°. The more you use this piece of equipment the more uses you will find for it.
N.B Not suitable for use across the short side of the isometric top.

The UJK Chamfer Ring© is the intellectual property of Axminster Tools Ltd. Any infringement is strictly prohibited.

  • 1 x 600mm long anodised aluminium fence
  • 2 x 25mm long dogs 
  • 2 x locking knobs
  • 1 x adjustable stop 
Brand UJK