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Veritas® Blades made for Stanley/Record Block Planes - 41mm with 5/8" slot

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Veritas PM-V11 replacement blades designed and made for users who own Stanley/Record Block Planes.

These block plane blades are 3.18mm (1/8") thick with a 25° bevel, with the grooves in the blades being for the rear depth-adjust mechanism. Ground flat on the face side to a tolerance of 0.0005", these blades represent a premium upgrade for your plane.

  • Check the width to determine the right blade for your plane, it is either 35mm (1-3/8") low-angle, 60-1/2 style or 41mm (1-5/8") standard 9-1/2 style.
  • British made Stanley planes have a lateral adjust lever and require a 15.8mm (5/8") slot (3 grooves).
  • Planes with no lateral adjust lever (older American Stanley block planes) require an 11.1mm (7/16") slot (8 grooves).
PM-V11 is a proprietory blade material designed and crafted by Veritas. Veritas set a goal for the ultimate tool steel blend for the future of Veritas planes. A long list of potential tool steels were whittled down to 21 of the best. These were then rigourously tested and the clear winner was PM-V11. Created from a powdered steel blend, PM-V11 provides superior impact resistance, excellent edge holding capacity, yet is easier to sharpen than A2. The perfect mix for woodworkers.

Made in Canada.

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Veritas® Blades made for Stanley/Record Block Planes - 41mm with 7/16" slot
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