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CMT Window Sash Set

Product Code: 855-801-11

Tags CMT
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CMT designed this set so you can create window sashes that are as beautiful as they are functional. As an additional feature; the CMT window sash set will also mill perfectly joining 1-3/8inch (35mm) rail and stile parts for custom made doors. Like all CMT quality bits; this set includes CMT's own anti-kickback design; non-stick orange Teflon coating and fatigue-proof steel with long-life carbide tipped cutting edges. Each set contains one 1-1/2inch (38.1mm) bit and one 1-3/8inch (35mm) bit designed for cutting 1-3/8inch (35mm) stock.
Brand CMT
Diameter 35 - 38mm
Bit Cut Depth 17.5 ~ 35mm
Bit Cut Diameter 38.1mm
Bit Shank Size 1/2"