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Pattern Makers and Guitar or Luthier's Vice

Product Code: PATTERN-VISE

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  • Features
  • Details
  • Specifications
  • Holds tapered and irregular stock
  • Jaws rotate a full 360°
  • Vise opens to 140mm capacity
  • Mounts via standard dog holes (or a minimum 16mm hole)
  • Whole vise can rotate a full 360°
  • Polyurethane soft face replaceable wooden jaws

New and improved! Now features new style of swivel jaw mounting bolts as standard (also available separately)*

This versatile Pattern Makers Vice is also known as a Luthier's Vice or Guitar Maker's Vice, but they are equally suited to all manner of woodwork.

The major benefit of this vise over traditional units is its ability to hold irregularly shaped or tapered objects. This is facilitated through its rotating jaws, each capable of a full 360° of rotation. As a result, it can in fact be used to hold pieces in "spreader" format ie: by pushing out, as well as clamping!

The entire vice mounts to your workbench through a minimum 16mm hole, meaning it will also mount through your standard 19mm dog holes and is easily removable. The whole vice is also able to rotate 360°, which combined with the rotating jaws, provides unparalleled versatility and access to your workpiece.

Polyurethane soft pads line the large (replaceable) wooden face jaws, providing sure grip while limiting marking of your piece. The 125 x 70mm (approx.) jaws open up to 140mm for large job holding capacity.

This vice will quickly become your go-to work holding solution and indeed, has proven very popular!

Made in Taiwan.

*We've recently upgraded our jaw mounting system on this very porpular vice, exclusively in Australia to Carbatec. We found the original bolts could tighten themselves while swivelling in use, over time. As users of the vice ourselves, we looked for a solution and are happy to announce our improved Nyloc Nut system effectively solves this problem and better yet, now comes standard with the Carbatec Pattern Vice!

But don't worry, should you have purchased our first release Pattern Vice we've also got you covered - check out our Pattern Vice Bolt Pack available separately to upgrade your Carbatec Pattern Vice, or similar Pattern Vices.
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