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Upgrade Bolt Pack to suit 1st Edition Pattern Vice


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*NOTE: Now included as standard on our Pattern Vise (Luthiers Vise)

The standard bolts found on our first release (along with other similar Pattern Vises), can have a tendency to tighten themselves as the jaws rotate through use. The double washers we incorporated on our original V1 alleviated this problem to some extent, but it could still occur over time necessitating you to loosen them off again to maintain the easy swivelling action.

This bolt upgrade fixes that problem and we're happy to announce this upgrade now comes standard with our current Pattern Vise! But don't worry - this kit is available here separately and easily converts your older model if you wish, so we've got you covered.

We searched for and found a manufacturer of headless bolts, threaded at both ends with a flat ground on the shaft for spanner tightening. These replace the standard bolts and in combination with the nyloc nut, allow you to 'dial-in' the exact swivel 'friction' you prefer, 'locking' it like that and practically eliminating the need for further adjustment.

Just one example of the little ways we are always looking to improve our products for you.

Kit includes: 2 x double threaded bolts; 2 x washers and 2 x nyloc nuts. 


Check out our 1 minute video on how to make the change - it's too easy!
2 x Double Threaded Bolts
2 x Nyloc Nuts
2 x Washers
Brand Carbatec


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