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Harold and Saxon Square Head Carpentry Mallet

Product Code: HS-MALLET-S

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Harold and Saxon Toolworks are individually handcrafted in Australia, showcasing a range of Australian "Arid Zone" or "Outback" hardwoods.

A handmade deluxe variant of a traditional Carpenters mallet. As the name implies, Carpentry Mallets are designed for a range of traditional and modern workshop needs but primarily for the striking of chisels when needed. These mallets by Harold and Saxon are beautiful to behold, but don't let their beauty scare you from using them!  The head of the mallet is crafted from Coachwood - Ceratopetalum apetalum, a species with worthy shock-resistant properties for the task, with decorative "Outback" hardwood flanks in Yarran - Acacia homalophylla, pinned with brass.  The handles are Crow's Ash-Flindersia australis, while the addition of a laser-emblazoned brass logo inlay completes the tool.

Overall, this mallet stands at 340mm in length. The head itself is approximately 135 x 70 x 70mm, with a wedge-shaped mortise for the handle. The weight of the mallet averages 700g, according to natural timber variability, providing a sturdy blow.

As beautiful as it is functional and worthy of inclusion in any workshop.

About the maker - Trent Powrie is the man behind Harold and Saxon Toolworks, one of only a handful of Australian tool makers whose legacy now spans more than a decade. Originally known for his Premium (and rare!) Bench Chisels, after a period of limited supply, Trent is manufacturing again and has expanded his offering to include a range of common workshop tool needs, including those offered through Carbatec in various mallets, strops and an awl. Key to these predominantly timber tools is his use of highly sought-after Australian "Arid Zone" hardwoods - equally as beautiful as they are perfectly suited to the task. Occasionally, Trent also releases some limited edition exotic timber variants.
Brand Harold and Saxon