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Rockler Rail Coping Sled

Product Code: RK-52149

$177 inc GST
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  • Specifications
  • Tall round handles allow a firm, comfortable grip from any angle of approach
  • Smooth-sliding 9.5mm thick phenolic base
  • Maximum workpiece dimension is 127mm wide x 31mm thick
  • Toggle clamp features easy, tool-free adjustments and one-handed operation
  • Clear, elevated guide runs against fence

Routing the ends of narrow boards is awkward to do safely, with a good chance of a poor result, so Rockler's Rail Coping Sled is the answer. It can hold up to 127mm wide material up to 31mm thick, safely held between a fixed fence, and adjustable fence fitted with abrasive sandpaper for extra grip, under a tool free adjustable toggle clamp.

The 3/8" phenolic base is resistant to flexing under the pressure from the toggle clamps. The toggle clamps give ample holding strength when adjusted correctly. 

Two handles gives control while keeping hands well away from the cutter.

(1) Sled Base
(1) Fixed Fence
(1) Adjustable Fence
(1) Lever Clamp
(1) Sacrificial Piece
(1) Front Handle
(1) Rear Handle
(2) 1'' Round Knob
(1) 4-Star Knob
(2) Large Washer
(4) Small Washer
(2) Spacer
(1) 5/16''-18 TPI x 1'' T-Slot Bolt
(1) 5/16''-18 TPI x 1-1 ⁄2'' T-Slot Bolt
(3) 5/16''-18 TPI x 2-1 ⁄2'' T-Slot Bolt
(4) Cap Nut
(4) 1-3 ⁄4'' Mounting Screws
(2) #8 x 1-3 ⁄4'' Wood Screws
(1) Abrasive Strip
(1) Manual
Brand Rockler


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