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Carbatec now stock a range of high quality timbers as sourced by Lazaridies Timbers – Australia’s premium woodworking timber merchant.

Due to the unique nature of each piece in size, shape and species, this range is only available in our Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Stores.

The range available in-stores may include:
  • Turning Blanks
  • Carving Blanks
  • Short sections suitable for box making, lutherie and other small projects
  • Burls
Below is some of the species that may be available - these will vary from store to store:
  • Silky Oak
  • Rock Maple
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Jelutong
  • Jarrah
  • Camphor Laurel
  • African Ebony
  • Bubinga
  • Padauk
  • Brazilian Blackwood
  • American Oak
  • Wenge
  • Queensland Black Wattle
  • Horn Beam
  • Spruce
  • Black Butt
  • Pink Ivory
  • Snakewood
  • Tasmanian Myrtle

The solid timber range provided by Carbatec is most suitable for craft applications. At this point Carbatec does not supply solid timber in a form suitable for larger such as boat building, interior fit-out or production furniture.