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The New Home of Laguna is here!

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Carbatec is excited to announce that we’ve been appointed the exclusive distributor of Laguna Tools in Australia and New Zealand.

Laguna Tools has firmly established itself as a world-leading manufacturer of premium woodworking tools. Carbatec is Australia's leading supplier of tools for the woodworker. So naturally, we both jumped at the opportunity to partner!
We’re excited to make Laguna’s innovative products more accessible to all woodworkers.

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Laguna Launch Timeline

August 2020 – Stock available of Laguna Bandsaws, Sanders & Lathes

Add versatility to your workshop with an industrial-grade bandsaw from Laguna Tools. Their bandsaws deliver serious cutting power, allowing you to make both straight and angled cuts effectively. Whether you are cutting irregular, complex shapes or simply resawing wood to create thinner slabs, these machines are exceptionally dependable with the capability to complete nearly endless tasks.

Laguna Tools Sanders are built to meet the many needs of any woodworking shop. Their goal is to provide an excellent priced machine yielding an incredible return on investment by creating faster output, reduced rework, and greater product consistency.

Enhance your shaping capabilities with a lathe machine from Laguna Tools. All Laguna lathes are designed to allow for maximum precision with the most intricate cutting details. Each machine is easy to use and features an ergonomic angled control that can be mounted at the top of your lathe or at waist level. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, Laguna lathes offer an excellent way to upgrade your workshop.

November 2020 – Stock available of Laguna Tablesaws, Jointers, Thicknessers and Dust Extractors.

If you are a serious woodworker, a Laguna Jointer in a must have for your shop. Our Jointers deliver you more of everything: more power, longer beds that allow for bigger jobs and 6 row ShearTec II cutterhead with a total of 42 four-sided carbide inserts gives you the smoothest cut & longest life.  Laguna Jointers are built for quality cuts and, most importantly, built to last.

Are you in the market for a best in class planer that can get the job done? Look no further than Laguna's elite line of Thicknessers. All Laguna Thicknessers are built with ShearTec II Cutterheads. These German Carbide Knives provide a better finish, better removal and longer lasting blades.

Make all of the adjustments you need to your project materials by adding a Laguna tablesaw to your tool collection. From sawbenches for hobbyists to industrial tablesaws, Laguna offer a wide range of easy-to-use machines that allow you to precisely cut your materials into the correct shapes and sizes. These tablesaws also offer longevity, providing you with long-term dependability.

Dust Collectors
When you’re working with power tools, you need a way to keep your workshop clean. Laguna Tools’ cyclone dust collectors remove high volumes of dust and other impurities from the air, working efficiently to keep your work area safe.


Existing Laguna warranties

Carbatec will honour all existing Laguna warranties in Australia & New Zealand, regardless of where the machine was purchased.

Will Laguna be exclusive to Carbatec?

Carbatec is the exclusive distributor of Laguna in Australia and New Zealand. Whilst the brand is exclusive to us, we will not be the only retailer in Australia to offer the brand.

We have made the decision to offer the brand to selected retailers to ensure that the brand and range is accessible to woodworkers all over Australia.

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